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Weeknotes 6


Yet again, it’s been a rather long time since I last wrote anything here. That being said, I did update my website – and if you’re surfing using a device with a pointer (likely a computer) then you’ll notice a wonderful new emoji cursor trail. If it’s too distracting or otherwise unpleasant for you, there’s an option to turn this off at the bottom of the website. I used JavaScript modules natively in the browser using <script type="module"> for the little JS that this website requires, and wow do I love the future. Build processes? No thanks.

Since my last update, I’ve started a new job working at the FT. I’ve been there for just over a month now. So far it’s been a positive experience and I’m definitely learning a lot about what it means to work in a large engineering organisation with processes and genuine team structure. Even though I’ve worked in large(ish) orgs in the past, this is very different to anything I’ve experienced before.

I’ve been enjoying working from the cool comfort of my home over the last couple of days whilst London is experiencing what can only be described as a hellwave, where public transportation descends into chaos and everyone tries to take alternative routes to cram on to one of the sparse air conditioned services.

Leah lent me her copy of Toast by Nigel Slater and it’s a really lovely book, I highly recommend reading it if you love reading about food as much as I do.

That’s all for now 👋