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Weeknotes 5


I started writing weeknotes with every intention of doing them with some punctuality, but I think I should probably rename them to “when I feel like it” notes.

It’s been a reasonably hectic couple of months. We (re)launched our public product at Daisie, so we’ve had all hands on deck getting that live, making optimisations and responding to user feedback which has been invaluable. That being said, I’m certainly starting to feel the effects of burnout take a toll on me.

Some ✨ personal news ✨

About a month ago, I handed in my notice at Daisie as I’ve taken a new role as a Software Engineer at the Financial Times on the consumer products team. I’m really looking forward to the move, I’m excited to learn from and work with the incredibly talented team they’ve built there, everyone I met and interacted with during the interview process were nothing short of wonderful.

I have really mixed feelings about leaving Daisie, whilst I’ve no doubt developed as an engineer and learnt a hell of a lot about how startups function over the past ~2 years, the change in the work I’ll be doing and the change in culture is going to be welcome.

I’ve got a week off between leaving Daisie (today) and starting my new role, time for some well needed rest.

That’s all for now 👋